Recommend Sightseeing & Package
BKRBB-BKKHD01 SIC/ESG : Half Day Biking Colors of Bangkok (Culture & Lifestyle)
Visit to a local Buddhist temple, a sweater shop producing sandals and other products. Take a short boat trip across the Chao Praya River in a long tail boat. You will see luxurious villas and apartments juxtaposed with poor shacks of local slums in which the people live. Then, visit  to an open-air Muay Thai school (kick boxing), a Burmese style (Mon) built Chedi, a local elementary school before riding through the greenest area of Bangkok, where you might even recognize some of the plants you have at home, only here they are much bigger.

UDT-WKT01 PVT/ESG : Half Day Walking Tour in Chiang Mai (Agro & Eco-tourism )
Visit to Wat Chai Mongkol is the oldest in Chiang Mai, then walk to Postal and Philatelic (Stamp) Museum, the Chinese Shrine “Poong Tao Gong” , Warorot Market is known locally as " Kad Luang or Chiang Mai China Town you can buy fresh food or anything as here.

Das Programm gibt den Besuchern einen umfassenden, authentischen Überblick über die Art und Weise, wie die Thailänder seit langem leben. Etwa wie in den alten Tagen: in grünen Obstgärten entlang des Flußes, der Kanäle oder der Küste; aber auch die thailändische Gastfreundschaft, die Fruchtbarkeit des Landes, seine feine Kochkunst und die Gelassenheit, die dieses Land heute noch auszeichnet. Das Programm zeigt nicht nur traditionelle Thai-Architektur und bildende Kunst am Beispiel historischer königlicher Residenzen und Sommerpaläste in Zentral-Thailand, sondern auch königliche Projekte des derzeitigen Herrschers, die eine wichtige Rolle für die nachhaltige Entwicklung des Landes spielen.

RR004A -PVT/ESG -[Not Use] : 6 DAYS ROYAL CITIES -[Not Use] (Overland Tours)
Explore the historical, cultural and natural sites of both the Central region and the Northern Thailand including the UNESCO world heritage sites of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai, the unspoiled nature of Uthai Thani, especially the way of life of Thai people on the raft houses along the tranquil Sakraekrang River, as well as Hub Patad Cave. The trip continues to the Golden Triangle, once notorious for the traffic of opium, and ends with the beauty of Chiang Mai, the “Rose of the North”

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